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BALMAIN Prescription Sunglasses

Balmain are an embodiment of Parisian luxury fashion and have been since the 1940’s. Renowned for meticulous embroideries and delicate mastery, each Balmain design is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. Fashion has been in the Balmain bloodline for generations, with Pierre Balmain’s father owning a drapery business and his mother a fashion boutique. Pushing the boundaries on men’s and women’s fashion, Balmain are experts in blending traditional techniques with ultra-modern silhouettes and true maximalist allure. Balmain have been outfitting some of the most iconic figures on the planet for many decades, from Ava Gardner in the 1950’s to and Kate Middleton and Victoria Beckham in the current day. Recent collections such as ‘Pierre Balmain’ have incorporated streetwear trends, creating a casual aesthetic in line with contemporary fashion. Striking stylishness and risky designs translate effortlessly into the Balmain eyewear collection. Oversized, bold designs are the theme of the current assortment, with a combination of premium materials used in the design process. Black and gold are one of the most timeless and luxurious colour combinations and feature heavily throughout the Balmain eyewear collection. The monochromaticity of the black frame provides a base for gold accenting to project opulence without becoming excessively bright and overpowering. Sharp edges and angular outlines are incorporated throughout the designs, ensuring that each frame creates a spectacular aesthetic and is enough to be the centre piece of any outfit in true Balmain style. The variety of models mean that no matter your face shape, there is a style to accentuate your facial features fluently. If you are looking for a frame with an angular square style, the B – GRAND is ideal, or if you prefer classic Balmain glamour, we suggest the PREMIER or WONDER BOY – III.

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