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Oliver Peoples Prescription Sunglasses

The Oliver Peoples sunglasses brand was founded in 1986 by optician and designer Larry Leight, in Los Angeles, California. Now one of the most sought after brands in the celebrity and fashion industry, what makes Oliver Peoples sunglasses so unique is its incredible collaborations and unconventional marketing strategies that allows it to stand out from competitors. The first pair of Oliver Peoples sunglasses were launched in 1987 and since then, the brand has become famous for its vintage inspired styles that are highly distinctive and take inspiration from all forms of culture including fashion, music, film and art. Here at Shade station we stock a variety of popular styles they offer, from the popular Oliver Peoples Bernardo sunglasses and the Oliver Peoples Benedict sunglasses. The Oliver People's men’s sunglasses highly popular as seen on Johnny Depp and Robert Downey giving sophistication to their red-carpet looks. Oliver Peoples sunglasses have steadily become renowned for their exciting and unpredictable celebrity collaborations and often launch bold and elaborate campaigns featuring the most high profile celebrities in the entertainment industry. The 2010 Oliver Peoples sunglasses advertising campaign for example features Lord of the Rings actor Elijah Wood and Shirley Manson, the lead singer of Garbage; a pair who wouldn’t normally be placed together but perfectly convey the theme and attitude of Oliver Peoples sunglasses collection; diverse and dynamic. What is particularly interesting about Oliver Peoples sunglasses is that Oliver Peoples refuses to brand any of its sunglass designs. Instead, distinctive aesthetic detail can be found in the form of hinge plaques, textured and patterned arms, unusually sculpted frames and vivid and vibrant colour combinations and textures. In addition to refraining from using exterior branding or logos, Oliver Peoples do not give out their sunglasses to celebrities; a conventional marketing strategy that brands often use to rapidly create a buzz and increase publicity for their products. And because of this, Oliver Peoples sunglasses are adored and worn by many celebrities including Angelina Jolie who, who has stated that the Oliver Peoples women’s sunglasses brand is her number one sunglass style choice. It is that sense of the brand being truly unique and almost unnameable at a glance that makes it so sought after and exclusive. Including an array of styles throughout Oliver Peoples sunglasses ranging from sleek aviators, to dramatically oversized designs and everything in between, every pair of Oliver Peoples sunglasses is distinctive, boasting the ultimate in fine craftsmanship and fusing unusual combinations of colours, textures and aesthetic twists. Due to the lack of logos, Oliver Peoples sunglasses are designed with each and every individual in mind; allowing you to express you own style and personality through a pair of Oliver Peoples. Oliver Peoples sunglasses are accessible from a price perspective and really offers something beautifully desirable and special in today’s fashion industry.  

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