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Arnette Prescription Sunglasses

The Arnette brand was founded in 1992 in California and is geared largely towards the sports sector but incorporates fashionable and stylish twists into its collection of sunglasses. Arnette is a brand which is especially popular among those who are into skating, surfing, snowboarding, windsurfing and biking and produces sunglasses that provide maximum eye protection for a wide range sports and extreme sports. Arnette sunglasses are visually appealing from an aesthetic perspective and are designed to be comfortable - especially when worn for long durations of time, durable and of course, highly functional. There is a specific science behind Arnette sunglasses in the sense that every lens absorbs the same quality of light at any wavelength allowing for continual visual clarity which is vital when you are taking part in extreme sports whereby your environment can rapidly change. In terms of style, Arnette sunglasses boast a contemporary image with an array of frame designs including wraparounds, oversized, classic and many in between. Every design features a sporting twist but Arnette sunglasses are also great for everyday use and also include a more trend inspired range if you are looking for a pair of fashion orientated sunglasses. The frames are available in a number of colours and whether you are seeking something overstated or subtle, you are sure to find a pair that suit within the vast collection. The range is divided into categories and some of which are definitely bolder than others allowing you to express a daring style with vibrant frame tones and featuring futuristic, distinctive styling. The smaller frames are available in more neutral and classic colours and are perfect if you are looking for a pair of sunglasses that are versatile and understated but still make that effective style statement. Arnette sunglasses also feature the logo subtly displayed on the top edge of the lenses in addition to being presented on the arms or arm hinge. When you are providing a product that is predominantly designed to serve a purpose and function, trial and testing is an important part of the design process and therefore all Arnette sunglasses are repeatedly tried and tested before the product is launched. Each pair undergoes specific and rigorous resilience tests to ensure they meet the high demands when used in the physical conditions associated with sport and extreme sports. The perfect combination of where sport meets style!

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